Massage Therapy

Why receive your massage therapy at Renewing-Massage?

We focus on fundamentals at Renewing-Massage – there are real potential healthcare benefits to you of massage therapy (physical and mental). We deliver at a price you can afford to receive treatment more than once in a blue moon. The more regularly you can receive massage the more the benefits, some massage is better than none.

A good massage therapist will work with you (where medically appropriate) to

  • Improve blood circulation to your muscle tissues to revive and relieve tired, sore muscles using scientifically developed techniques
  • Create a professional environment where you can deeply relax, quiet your mind and leave renewed and feeling great!
  • Maintain a price where you can afford massage therapy more than once a year – we’ve done this for 13 years now giving $80 per hour treatments – no gimmicks, no Groupons, no catches! We included essential oils to promote relaxation and open sinuses, and Ayurvedic face and scalp massage to promote even deeper relaxation.
Why choose a professional therapist?

Professional massage therapists see hundreds of clients a year, review hundreds of health history forms and bring years of hands-on massage experience to their clients. Massage therapists are licensed to work with the body’s muscles to improve circulation and tone through the use of scientifically developed techniques. Unlicensed therapists do not have 1000 hours medical based training, have no state licensing exams to pass, and participate in no continuing education. Charging for massage therapy and not having a current NYS license is a class D felony.