Renewing-Massage is located on South Ave, between Caroline and Gregory Street. There's usually ample on-street parking directly in front of the building.

Places to Visit Before and After Your Massage

Rochester Community Acupuncture

I am a huge supporter of acupuncture because of personal experience! Fifteen years ago I was completely cure of all allergy symptoms - which had made most summers miserable for me - after a series of acupuncture treatments in London. RCA's goal is to make acupuncture accessible to everyone, and provide health care that empowers patients, builds community and breaks down class divisions.

Equal Grounds Coffee Shop

Only three doors down from Renewing-Massage is one of the City's best coffee houses. Relax and enjoy the atmosphere with a tea, a coffee, a specialty drink, pies, pastries, wraps and bagels! With free wireless Internet for customers and fab barista service, new visual and performing artists showcasing their works, and probably, the most extensive community bulletin board in the neighborhood, it's a winner!

South Wedge Barber Shop

Next door to Renewing-Massage is the South Wedge Barber Shop with Gina and Jennifer. With an eclectic welcoming environment for all ages you will feel right at home in minutes! And yes, I always get my haircut by Gina and Jennifer - sorry ladies - hope that is a recommendation not a warning!! Voted BEST BARBERSHOP in Rochester - City Newspaper 2011

Community Organizations

The South Wedge Planning Committee

The South Wedge Planning Committee publishes the official Newspaper of the South Wedge, "The Wedge". "The Wedge" is printed and distributed free 6 times a year, it carries on local events and news in the South Wedge. SWPC is a neighborhood organization funded for any by the South Wedge Community.

The Business Association of the South Wedge

The Business Association of the South Wedge is an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in the South Wedge area. It funds tangible community projects such as street beautification projects such as flower baskets, Savor Our Flavor South Wedge banners, and other projects.

South Wedge On-line Community

Our South Wedge on-line community and networking resource is here.

Savor Our Flavor

Effectively the Yellow Pages of resources, events and listings happening in the South Wedge.